Sunday, December 16, 2007


On a stormy night on the Oregon Coast I received a call from a woman who's daughter had found a dog on a 'field island'. According to the woman, "She must have been surviving on dirt and worms. I cannot keep her, I can't get close to her, I am disabled, can you help?"

Later that night, I met 'Jig'. She was plastered against the wall, terrified. With the coaxing of my dog Mick, I saw a sparkle in her eye, saying she wanted to play-but would still not come out. I finally looped a leash around her, and dragged her into the car.

Arriving at the vets office, I realized 'Jig' was a least 20 sores from untreated tick infestation donned her underside and flanks, she was rail thin, and undersocialized. She also had two broken and abcessed teeth. ..and Mick LOVED her.

I found out later, that Jig was a junkyard dog...choke chained to a fencpost 24/7, with a lean-to board as her only protection from the weather. A never-ever' dog. Never been in a house, never been to the vet, never had the love of a family, never been someone’s friend.

Now, Jig is not only Mick's girl, but my loving companion, my agility dog, and my protector while I travel.. She is the best girl in the world...and is now a 'for-ever' dog. Forever in the house, forever in our family, and friend.

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