Monday, January 4, 2010

Kona and the Doberman.

Kona, my little 55 lb english lab is a real sweet little dog. She is very affectionate and definately a girly dog. Does not like to go outside too much and really likes to lounge around.

There are some exceptions. We took her and Lucy to the dog park a couple of days ago. One of the things I do when at the dog park is take them on laps around this huge dog park. It is good exercise for them and good exercise for me. Well on our first trip around I saw these two dobermans. They were about medium size for a dobbie so they were quite a bit taller than Kona. One of the dobermans went after Kona with bared teeth and a growl, which is kond of unusual as we very rarely see a lot of aggression from any of the dogs at the dog park. Well everyone got a surprise from Kona. Instead of backing down like I thought she would she went after the dobbie with a lot more aggression than I have seen from Kona ever before. No one got bit but the dobbie tucked it's tail between it's legs and ran off with Kona in pursuit. I called her off pretty quick.

The next time around the park Kona went after the dobbie again but i called her off before she got more than a foot or two.

It was pretty interesting to see her go after a bigger dog like that. Maybe she was feeling pretty confident because Lucy and I were right there. In the past when Kona has gotten into trouble with another dog Lucy comes right over and gives a growl and that pretty much ends the trouble. I have been known to growl too. LOL.

Sneaky Lucy

So today started out pretty well. That was until we left Lucy outside for a little too long. You would think she was some sort of scent hound by the way she acts. She found another pile of something smelly and decided that she wanted to roll around in it for a while. I thought it was just on her back and stomach so that is the only placed I washed. Oh no, it was all over her neck and paws and lots of other places. As a result Lucy and I have both had four partial baths today.

You should have seen the look on her face as I was washing her. She does not like taking baths outside. I should have gotten a picture but I had my hands full with a stinky great dane.

She is six now. She still seems like a child to me but with all of the grey hair on her muzzle it seems like she is pretty old.