Monday, October 11, 2010

Last but not Least, Rex

To check out Rex and read about how he was adopted, visit our Facebook page. 

Magi The Great Dane and Beaumont and Dustane the Bassets

Here is a beautiful picture of Magi, Beaumont and Dustane.  Vote for them here Magi, Beaumont and Dustane

Here is Revy, another one of our October Dog of The Month contestants.  Revy is a pretty amazing dog, wicked smart and quite the escape artist.  To read more about Revy check out our Facebook page. 

October Dog Of The Month Contest

At Lucy's Dog House we are running our first ever Dog of The Month Contest.  We have four contestants with great pictures and/or stories about their dogs.  Stop by the Lucy's Dog House facebook page to check them out.
We are also looking for contestants for November, so if you have a great pictures of your dog and a great story about your dog send them to us at

Here is a great picture of Jasper one of our contestants.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lucy is a Cougar

So every time we take Lucy and Kona to the dog park, Lucy always gets a lot of male dog attention.  She is a beautiful Great Dane but she was fixed years ago so I am not 100 percent sure why that is. 

This last time was no difference.  This time it was a big burly Blue Great Dane that thought Lucy was pretty awesome.  Well Lucy was not having it, not even a little bit.  She tried to put him in his place pretty quick.  She never actually bit him but she can get pretty aggressive when she wants.  She up leaping around, body slamming him like I haven't seen her in years.  Pretty tough girl for being a senior Great Dane.  Needless to say I am not sure that big knucklehead got the drift.  I had to break it up before she bit him, which I think she was about to do.  But, you know he kind of deserved it....