Friday, February 1, 2008

Lucy's Dog House Affiliate Program

Hi everyone,

Lucy's Dog House has just launched its very own affiliate program. Now you can help rescue dogs as we still give 5% of all of our sales to a variety of rescues throughout the year. Plus you can earn a little money for yourself or an organization you work with. Below is the link that will take you where you can sign up for the program.

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Lucy Caused a Stampede

In an earlier post I wrote about the herd of cattle that hangs out in the land behind our house. We have a six foot fence that seperates us from that field. You can see through the fence somewhat and you can see when the small herd of cattle walks by.

Well for some reason, the cattle walking by really gets Lucy and to a lesser degree Kona going. It is times like this that I get a very strong visual reminder that while they are furry, cuddly family pets somewhere deep down they really are predators.

Well yesterday Lucy saw the cattle and she boltd for the fence barking up a storm. I have never seen a Great Dane try to crawl through a two inch gap under a fence before but I can check that off my list. Boy, she wanted those cattle and the cattle new it. Whew that was a lot of beef that took off all at the same time, in a hurry.

Lucy was pretty proud of herself after that. Her tail was straight up, ears up and that smug look that she gets. Can dogs have a smug look? Well, I say yes but I do not have any scientfic evidence to bake it up.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dog Videos

I have been adding a bunch to I have been scouring You Tube and other sites for dog videos. Here is one of the really good ones.

If you would like to see more videos, please go to . Some are for educational purposes. Others are just because the dogs are silly or just fun to watch.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Beach in South Texas

Well, we took Kona and Lucy to the beach yesterday. The beaches down here in Corpus Christi are a little different than the other places we have been. The beach is so long that they drive on the beaches on a pretty regular basis and not just for a few feet but even a few miles. The place we went there were a ton of beach fishermen with their fishing poles set up in the surf.

They drive so much that they have speed limit signs on the beach. I thought that was pretty interesting when I saw it.

Lucy and Kona love the beach and got really excited the whole time. Then they slept a good portion of the day when we got home because they were so tired.

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