Saturday, March 14, 2009

Corpus Christi Dogs

Hi everyone,

Today we went to a fundraiser for Corpus Christi dogs. They are a group that is dedicated to getting a dog park started in Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi is a city of over a quarter of a million people and it does not have a dog park. Kind of a bummer.

The city has allocated the land but the funding for the fencing, the water and lights have to come from private funding. The total cost is going to be about 75K.

The fundraiser hit a little snag today because of the rain. It usually never rains here in Corpus but today it did. Wierd.

At Lucy's Dog House we are big fans of a dog park in Corpus Christi so whenever you use the coupon code: ccdogs we will donate 10 percent of the purchase price to CCDogs. Stop by at see if there is anything that you or you dog would like and use the coupon code.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Bite My Dog

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Nah, just kidding. Actually I do bite my dog Kona when we are playing. She started it thouhg. Apparently it is what chocolate labs do. Check out the video.

All the best,


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lucy and Kona go to the Vet

Today Lucy and Kona had to go to the vet for their annual rabies shot. we went to the local PetsSmart which had a Banfield Animal Hospital in it. You would thought we were going to a dog park or something. By the way, Petsmart is pretty cool. They have been doing a good job in increasing the variety of dry foods that they offer. some of them are normally brands I would expect to find in a small, high end pet store. Kudos to Pet Smart.

Rarely have I seen my dogs so excited to go into a store. Today they were just a little bit nutty when they went into the store and were quite a handful. Normally they are pretty good dogs but today they had all sorts of things, and people and other dogs to look at and want to go sniff or whatever.

Overall it was a good visit and they got their shots and had their nail trimmed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great Dane with a Baby

Cruising around the internet today and found this video. Thought it was a good representation of Great Danes and their devotion to their families.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To the simpler things in life

A few days ago I read that one of the better thins about a recession is that many people return to the simpler things in life that make them happy. Here at Lucy's dog House we have been impacted just like everyone else. Instead of getting down about it again today, I looked at Lucy and asked her, "Do you want to go for a walk?". She replied like se usually does, she pretty much started jumping around like a big hairy porpoise, she was so excited. So we took a quick spin around the neighborhood and everything seemed better. For both of us. As I write this Lucy is happily snoring away and I am happily blogging.

I think the author of the article I read the other day was a genius. Here is to the simpler things in life.

New Stuff At Lucy's Dog House

Lucy wanted me to let all of you knwo that we added a bunch of new products at Above is a picture of our new British themed collars. They are pretty awesome and are both affordable starting at $9.00 and cool all at the same time.

We have a bunch of new collars and you can check out our whole selection at new dog collars


I do not know what it is, I need to put a sign up or something or tattoo it on the back of my hand. I tell myself everyday that I have to blog that day and then all of a sudden the day is over and I have not managed to blog for the day. Okay well, that stops today. Well at least for today. LOL. We shall see how it all turns out.

Wow, Lucy has had a pretty wonderful day. Like most Great Danes she is a huge lounge lizard. She especially likes to lay out back in the grass. She especially likes it when the sun is nice and warm and she can spend hours out there. Luckily the bug situation here in Texas is not too bad right now, so I just leave the screen door open and she just comes and goes as she pleases.

I swear she stays out there until she can stand it anymore, comes in for a while, gets a drink and goes right back out there. Talk about a sun worshipper.

Oh, by the way, before any of you send me an email to remind me that I need to put suntan lotion on her, got you covered.