Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lucy and Kona go to the Vet

Today Lucy and Kona had to go to the vet for their annual rabies shot. we went to the local PetsSmart which had a Banfield Animal Hospital in it. You would thought we were going to a dog park or something. By the way, Petsmart is pretty cool. They have been doing a good job in increasing the variety of dry foods that they offer. some of them are normally brands I would expect to find in a small, high end pet store. Kudos to Pet Smart.

Rarely have I seen my dogs so excited to go into a store. Today they were just a little bit nutty when they went into the store and were quite a handful. Normally they are pretty good dogs but today they had all sorts of things, and people and other dogs to look at and want to go sniff or whatever.

Overall it was a good visit and they got their shots and had their nail trimmed.

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