Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lucy and Kona in The Snow

So for New Year's we all went back home to visit with my Grandmother.  Who at nearly 90 years old lives by herself in a house in the woods.  It is on a couple of acres of wooded land and is just beautiful.

Well upstate New York had had a few inches of snow right before we showed up.

Lucy and Kona have seen snow before but t had been a while.  I do not know what it is about snow and dogs(kids and I guess, well just about everyone) but they went a little nutty.  Lucy, who is 7 was running around like a puppy.  Kona at home is this lazy, lazy dog who just lays around most of the day.  We have a decent sized yard but she does not show a lot of interest.  But at my Grandmother's house, Kona's inner true dog just comes out.  She runs around like a wild dog.  We have to watch her because she just loves to go running in the woods.  It is almost like something very deep within Kona, something instinctual comes out and she turns into a very different dog.

She was fetching sticks, which she has never done before.  All sorts of things.

She would pester us like a spoiled little child to go outside and play.  We got there pretty late and she just sat by the door whimpering because she wanted to go and play.  It was really amazing to see the transformation.

I have a few photos and videos to post.  As soon as I get a hold of them I will.