Friday, February 20, 2009

Lucy - The Stinky Dog

I love Lucy like she is one of my children and sometimes she does stuff that I as a "parent" can only sit back and laugh about. Like last night, Lucy goes outside for her evening trip to the backyard and she decides that someone else's poop is the greatest thing in the world. So of course what does she do, she proceeds to role around in it, so the rest of her "pack" can smell it too. Well needless to say I was only so impressed, so Lucy got a bonus bath last night.

Which by the way, I am probably one of the luckiest dog owners in the world. When she knows she has done something like this, she knows exactly where she is headed. Like last night, all I had to do was tell her "bath" and she headed off to the bathroom where she gets her baths. I snaped my fingers and told her to get in and she got in. Lucky me, since Lucy is not a lot of fun to wrestle with when it is not play time. Lucy is weighing in a 130lbs these days, so if she is not inclined to do something, she can be pretty difficult to manhandle someplace.

Cutting Lucy's Toe Nails

Well, you would think that since I am work in the pet industry, i should be a pro at cutting my own dog's nails. It is not really all that hard, just got to get the nail in the clippers and cut with a deliberate motion. If you don't, it is kind of like taking off a band aid too slowly, you know what I mean.

Well, I messed it up. I went too far back on one of Lucy's nail and she bled all over the place. Luckily I had some styptic powder which was able to help stop the bleeding. She was such a trooper during the whole thing as I was trying to get the bleeding to stop.

That said, she did not let me cut the nails on her front feet.