Saturday, March 21, 2009

Iconic Dog - Original Pet Potraits

Hi everyone,

I was cruising around the web today and I found this really awesome website. It is called Iconic Dog and it is really neat. The owner/artist paints these really great pet potraits in oil. The colors are very vivid and the overall effect is something else.

Check it out when you get a chance.

By the way, I am not being paid or otherwise compensated in any way for making this post. It is just a cool website. I am also going to put a link to thesite at Lucy's Dog House in case you ever needed to find the link again.

If you notice below is a Add This widget. It lets you bookmark something with whatever book marking service you use. I found it a while ago and I think it is pretty cool.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The last picture was a picture of the hotel. This is apicture of the River Walk. It is pretty nice like I said.

San Antonio's River Walk

Well yesterday's fund raiser for did not work out so well due to the rain.

So we dropped Lucy and Kona off at a really great kennel for the night and went up to San Antonio. They were so jazzed about going back into the kennel when we dropped them off. Lucy was all excited. Her tail was wagging a mile a minute and Kona could barely contain herself.

We stayed at the Omni right on the River Walk and it was a really great experience. We were able to walk right onto the River Walk from our hotel.

If you have never been to San Antonio the River Walk is a must see thing. It is right by the Alamo and it has lots of great shops and places to eat. Go to Casa Rios, the food is great and inexpensive. Above is a picture of the River Walk.