Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Dog Great Dane Head Massage by Pug

I was looking for Great Dane videos and look what I found. A video of Honey. She is a Great Dane about Lucy's age. Her owner stops by our blog from time to time.

Isn't Honey beautiful? She is looks like a pretty happy and silly girl too.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lucy Got Her Nails Trimmed Today

Well today we got Lucy's nails trimmed. They are too long and thick for us to do it at home so we go to the local Petsmart and they do it in their grooming section.

Lucy is not a big fan of doing it and makes every attempt to escape everytime we do. She is much better when I am right there.

I remember one time I dropped her off at the vet and the two youngish women very confidently told me that they had it all under control. On my way out I glanced back and the two young ladies are being dragged across the floor by Lucy. Lucy of course was really scared and when she is like that she drops little presents along the way. So needless to say I went aback to help out to get her where she needed to be. A roll of paper towels later everything was back to normal.

Okay back to the present, well the young ladies there at Petsmart also said confidently that they had her all under control. LOL. It was like history repeating itself. Lucy to say the least was not very cooperative and she was able to evade capture for alittle while. I let it go on for a bit, just because. LOL.

Well we eventually agreed that we would do it in the waiting area with me having a firm grip on Lucy. It calms her down and I am a pretty big fellow and able to keep her pretty much still. It was quite a workout though and by the end we had a small crowd of spectators, comprised of both humans and dogs. This little dachshund was especially interested and came up to Lucy and sniffed at her quite a bit. I think he was checking to make sure she was okay.

We really like dachshunds. Really brave and loyal dogs.

We are off to the dog park to work off some energy and say hey to all of the other dogs in the area.

All the best,