Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why Lucy doesn't like winter

Based on Lucy's action over the last few weeks I am getting the distinct impression she does not like the cold all that much. It was raining the other day and she refused to go outside. We had to wait a few hours until you could just tell she just could not hold it anymore. We don't have a fenced yard so we have to go out there with her. So just imagine her and I standing out in the pouring rain while she took care of business. Come to think of it, I don't blame Lucy for not liking the cold.

We don't get to go on walks as much anymore. It is usually pretty dark by the time I get back from work. The neighborhood I live in does not have sidewalks so it is a little dangerous to take her on a walk at night.

She does like being tucked in at night though.

What type of dog do you have?

I have two dogs, Lucy and Kona. You can read about both of their stories by following these links. Lucy's Story Kona's Story

As a direct result of having Kona and Lucy I will have labs and great danes the rest of my days.

Why do you have the dogs that you do? Is there a specific breed that you love? I would love to hear from you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Best Dog Photo/Best Adoption Story Contest

At Lucy's Dog House I am going to be holding a Best Dog Photo/Best Adoption Story Contest. Please send in a picture of your pet with the story of how you adopted your dog. The story should be about 100-200 words or so. I will be accepting photos/stories until Dec 15th.

Then from Dec 16th to January 15th I will open up the voting to the public. The ddog with the best photo/story will win a $100 gift certificate to

Please send in your photo/story to

Lucy's Dog Food

Ever since we switched Lucy's dog food about 10 months ago she has been a different dog. We feed her Innova Evo, a high protein kibble with the first two items in it being turkey and chicken and the next being apples. She runs around like a little puppy with tons of energy. She has gained some healthy weight.

From a financial aspect it is pretty good too since we only have to feed her half the amount of kibble because it has a ton of calories in it without a lot of fillers.

What do you feed your dog and why??

Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

If you are reading this blog you probably can relate to the idea that dogs are better than humans.

I had lunch today with a really negative person. No matter what anyone had to say he had something to counter back with that was negative and a total buzz kill. Even when I proved that his logic was somewhat flawed it couldn't change his overall attitude. It was a good thing I was in a really good moode because it didn't affect me too much.

When I came home today just like everyday, Lucy was there to greet me with her tail a swinging like crazy, a toy in her mouth running around like a nut. Nothing but love for ya babe is what I imagine her broadcasting. Kind of made my day.

Lucy and Kona at the Dog Park

One of the reasons I like the summer a lot more than winter. It gets dark so early during the day. I got home at 4:55 today and it was already completely dark. One of the things I like to do with the dogs is take them to the dog park a couple of times during the week. Both Lucy and Kona get what they need there. Lucy just goes from person to person getting pet. She would be a perfect therapy dog. Kona gets to run around with the other young dogs and go from person to person looking for food.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Great dane Water Bowl - funny

An oldie but a goodie.

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Lucy's Dog House Sponsors Paws of Austin

Every month at Lucy's Dog House we sponsor a different Great Dane Rescue. We have a new rescue this Paws of Austin, They are a great rescue that helps out tons of dogs, mostly great daes in the austin area. PAWS concentrates on promoting public awareness of animal welfare issues among other things.

So I give them 5% of my sales for the whole month plus whenever someone uses the coupon code: rescue I donate an additional 10% to the rescue for the month.

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Vick dogs Up For Adoption

I came across this article today and I am glad to hear that they are up for adoption. I know when the case first broke they was a lot of speculation that most of the dogs would never be able to put up for adoption.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Nov. 14 (UPI) -- Twelve dogs that belonged to suspended football star Michael Vick are up for adoption in Virginia, but the new owners may not know where the animals came from.

Nine beagles, two Rottweilers and a Cane Corso seized from Vick's Virginia property are among 50 dogs available for adoption, the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said on its Web site.

But prospective owners won't be told if a dog they wish to adopt was one of Vick's, Sharon Adams, the shelter's executive director, told The Virginian-Pilot newspaper.

"Folks that want a 'Vick dog' are not who we are looking for," Adams said, the newspaper reported Wednesday.

Vick, who was quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, pleaded guilty in August in a federal dogfighting conspiracy case and is to be sentenced Dec. 10.

The 12 dogs apparently have no scars that would indicate they were fighters.

More than 60 dogs, including 48 pit bulls, were taken from Vick's property in Surry County, Va. Most of the animals remain in federal custody, awaiting placement in shelters.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Great Danes are Pretty Clingy

For those of you that don't know, one of a great danes characteristics is that they are very clingy and want to be with you all the time. They might be the biggest lap dogs around. Well Lucy is no different. Tonight I had to study for an exam that I will be having later this week. So what does Lucy do? Well, she decides to climb on the couch right next to me and proceed to stretch her big paws in front of me for almost an hour. It is hard to say no to her since she is a big sweetheart but it work has to get done sometimes.

They are definately not the bred that you can leave in the backyard all day, especially when the family is home. They will get really wierded out if you do as they are very social dogs with regards to their family.

Kona at Nght

Here ia picture of Kona after a bath. she likes baths more than most dogs but it is still not her favorite thing to do.

Kona is a big sweetheart too. She does not need or seek as much attention as Lucy but she has her days and nights mixed up. She sleeps for a good portion of the day and is up for a good portion of the night. Kona has a bunch of allergies and we have not been able to figure out exactly what is causing her to itch. We have tried a few different foods with significantly different ingredients. We are going to move in a couple of months and we will see if it is more environmental than food related. well because of her allergies she is up a good portion of the night itching. Enough that it wakes either me of my girlfriend out of a dead sleep.

Kona is a little silly girl with a ton of energy. The first thing she does every morning is jump all over us with a dog toy in her mouth and then give us her Kona hugs which involve her paws on our shoulders and little nibbles on our face and neck.

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Lucy and Kona

Lucy and Kona are two great dogs and we all have a lot of fun together. Each dog has their really good qualities and they have their other qualities.

Lucy is a really big sweetheart who likes attention all of the time through the day. You would think that we ignore her all day long the way she acts sometimes. When we are not giving her enough loving by her standards whch is almost never enough she comes over and knocks are hand around until it ends up on top of her head. Due to her size though, she can be a handful and does not do well with stangers. We have to ease in anyone that new especially guys. She does not always like new guys and even at the dog park has a tough time with new guys, where she walks right up to kids and women with no problems.

Lucy's Dog House

You might be wondering what Luy's Dog House is all about. Well it is a online pet store devoted to dogs and their humans. The Lucy that I write about is the namesake of the store. I had always wanted to run my own my own business and I love dogs, so Lucy's Dog House became a reality May of 2006. We offer a wide variety of dog collars, dog toys, dog beds and other great dog supplies. If you get chance to visit here is coupon code: friend to use. It will give you 15% off your entire purchase.

I know there are a lot of pet stores out there both online and Brick and Mortar. There are three things that sets Lucy's Dog House apart from many of those stores.

1. 4.99 shipping for all orders up to $99 and free shipping for all orders over $100. So you never, ever get surprised by high shipping and handling fees. By the way, what are handling fees anyway???

2. We donate 5% of all of our sales to a different dog rescue every month. We have six different rescues that we rotate through.

3. Most of the products you find here you will not be able to find in your typical big box store.

All the best,


Kona's Story continued

So we traveled cross country with Kona to our new home in Massachusetts. For a few months she had the house all to herself. Here is a picture of Kona at the beach last December. Mass is not like San Diego, Ca where you have a few different beaches that you can have dogs off leash all year around. Here it has to be off season and a few different beaches will allow the dogs to be of leash. anyway....

Kona's life really changed when we brought Lucy home. It was a little odd for them at first because Kona had been in the house for longer but Lucy was older and significantly larger. So for about two weeks they tried to figure out who is in charge. I am not sure who is but they get along great and play non-stop during the day. More often than not, Kona is dragging Lucy around by her collar. You got it right, Kona the 60lb lab is dragging the 135lb Great Dane around.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kona's Story

You will read a lot about Kona in this blog. I would set up a blog for her as well and someday I probably will but it is a little too much to manage more than three blogs at a time. I really do have to do other work. Well, anyway....

Kona is my other dog. She is a slightly crazy chocolate english lab with a decent amount of energy. She is about 60 lbs and will be two in February. Michelle and I got her just before we moved to MA. Which by the way traveling cross country with a 16 week old puppy was not as bad as I thought it would be. But then Kona is definately a car dog. We got Kona from a breeder in Riverside, CA. We were going to get a fox red labrador but that litter of pups only had three puppies that lived. So we looked for another lab and found Kona. She was a little cute puppy with tons of energy so it was an easy decision.


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Why Dogs Are the Best

I had to travel this weekend and leave the dogs behind. I had to clean out my room at my grandmother's house so I did not have any room for the dogs.

Well I got back today and the I got the best greeting from the dogs. You would have thought that I hadbeen away for weeks but it was only a day and a half. And that is why dogs are the best, because they greet you at the door like you are their best friend in the whole world, which is probably true.

Lucy's typical greeting is to show up at the door with a toy in her mouth, tail a wagging (which is actually quite dangerous) hufing and puffing and wanting to play. Of course Kona is right there and she has a toy in her mouth and she is just grunting away. Grunting is her way of showing that she is very happy and excited.

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