Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why Lucy doesn't like winter

Based on Lucy's action over the last few weeks I am getting the distinct impression she does not like the cold all that much. It was raining the other day and she refused to go outside. We had to wait a few hours until you could just tell she just could not hold it anymore. We don't have a fenced yard so we have to go out there with her. So just imagine her and I standing out in the pouring rain while she took care of business. Come to think of it, I don't blame Lucy for not liking the cold.

We don't get to go on walks as much anymore. It is usually pretty dark by the time I get back from work. The neighborhood I live in does not have sidewalks so it is a little dangerous to take her on a walk at night.

She does like being tucked in at night though.

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The Devil Dog said...

Roxy, having only one coat of hair?/fur, gets colder than Lucky, who has 2. Lucky will climb under the blankets for a while and then gets on top of the blankets for a while. Roxy stays under all night.
The difference between our dogs, Roxy is 18 lbs and Lucky 14 lbs. They sleep with us all the time. I am not so sure I would want Lucy on the bed with me. There might not be any room.

Roxy's mom