Monday, November 12, 2007

Kona's Story continued

So we traveled cross country with Kona to our new home in Massachusetts. For a few months she had the house all to herself. Here is a picture of Kona at the beach last December. Mass is not like San Diego, Ca where you have a few different beaches that you can have dogs off leash all year around. Here it has to be off season and a few different beaches will allow the dogs to be of leash. anyway....

Kona's life really changed when we brought Lucy home. It was a little odd for them at first because Kona had been in the house for longer but Lucy was older and significantly larger. So for about two weeks they tried to figure out who is in charge. I am not sure who is but they get along great and play non-stop during the day. More often than not, Kona is dragging Lucy around by her collar. You got it right, Kona the 60lb lab is dragging the 135lb Great Dane around.

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Kirsikka71 said...

Thank for visiting my blog. Finally I have time to write more news about Rita as we have been in first dog show. Kona looks beautiful chocolate female lab, one day I would like to have chocolate labrador too. We have had yellows and blacks but not yet chocolate one.
Have a lovely Christmastime!

Kirsi from Finland