Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lucy's Dog Food

Ever since we switched Lucy's dog food about 10 months ago she has been a different dog. We feed her Innova Evo, a high protein kibble with the first two items in it being turkey and chicken and the next being apples. She runs around like a little puppy with tons of energy. She has gained some healthy weight.

From a financial aspect it is pretty good too since we only have to feed her half the amount of kibble because it has a ton of calories in it without a lot of fillers.

What do you feed your dog and why??


jen. said...

Hi Lucy :) Glad you could visit Bu's blog! I'm sure he'd wish you could play -- that is what he always wants. I feed my dog Eagle Pack Large Breed Puppy food... it is the one that has been most recommended over and over and over. I haven't chosen what we will switch to in a few more months. But, Turkey, Chicken, and APPLES! that sounds like a good food. Bu loves apples...carrots...socks!
Grace2you, Jen.

Lucy The Great Dane said...

Lucy does not go for the socks so much, but Kona has been known to wander into a room wanting to play with my socks in her mouth.

Ahna said...

Hi Lucy,
It's fun to see a blog devoted to a Dane. Our Dane, Jota, gets featured once in awhile on our blog. He is also a Fawn and 3 years old. I have had him on a raw diet since he was a puppy, including beef, chicken, rabbit, goat, raw eggs and raw milk. I prefer the smaller animals because it comes closest in meat/ bones/ oragn meat RATIO to what they should be eating as carnivores. He's done very well on it.
Ahna and Jota :)

Tim said...

Hey there, I'm another wacko raw feeder. I have two Dane/Mastiff crosses (F1) that I use as feral pig hunters, babysitters, cooking assistants, snuggle bunnies and workout companions.

I am a hunter and so butchering is quick and easy for me, I buy goats whole (sometimes have to kill them) and feed ALL of it, in portions. Occasionally they get a freshly road killed deer or supermarket chickens. The dogs eat literally everything but the stomach contents horns, and hooves. They even consume the bones, the marrow inside the big leg bones is their favorite.

The eat little and poop less. Our cat also eats raw and is no longer allergenic for my mom.