Monday, November 12, 2007

Kona at Nght

Here ia picture of Kona after a bath. she likes baths more than most dogs but it is still not her favorite thing to do.

Kona is a big sweetheart too. She does not need or seek as much attention as Lucy but she has her days and nights mixed up. She sleeps for a good portion of the day and is up for a good portion of the night. Kona has a bunch of allergies and we have not been able to figure out exactly what is causing her to itch. We have tried a few different foods with significantly different ingredients. We are going to move in a couple of months and we will see if it is more environmental than food related. well because of her allergies she is up a good portion of the night itching. Enough that it wakes either me of my girlfriend out of a dead sleep.

Kona is a little silly girl with a ton of energy. The first thing she does every morning is jump all over us with a dog toy in her mouth and then give us her Kona hugs which involve her paws on our shoulders and little nibbles on our face and neck.

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