Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why Dogs Are the Best

I had to travel this weekend and leave the dogs behind. I had to clean out my room at my grandmother's house so I did not have any room for the dogs.

Well I got back today and the I got the best greeting from the dogs. You would have thought that I hadbeen away for weeks but it was only a day and a half. And that is why dogs are the best, because they greet you at the door like you are their best friend in the whole world, which is probably true.

Lucy's typical greeting is to show up at the door with a toy in her mouth, tail a wagging (which is actually quite dangerous) hufing and puffing and wanting to play. Of course Kona is right there and she has a toy in her mouth and she is just grunting away. Grunting is her way of showing that she is very happy and excited.

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