Friday, February 1, 2008

Lucy Caused a Stampede

In an earlier post I wrote about the herd of cattle that hangs out in the land behind our house. We have a six foot fence that seperates us from that field. You can see through the fence somewhat and you can see when the small herd of cattle walks by.

Well for some reason, the cattle walking by really gets Lucy and to a lesser degree Kona going. It is times like this that I get a very strong visual reminder that while they are furry, cuddly family pets somewhere deep down they really are predators.

Well yesterday Lucy saw the cattle and she boltd for the fence barking up a storm. I have never seen a Great Dane try to crawl through a two inch gap under a fence before but I can check that off my list. Boy, she wanted those cattle and the cattle new it. Whew that was a lot of beef that took off all at the same time, in a hurry.

Lucy was pretty proud of herself after that. Her tail was straight up, ears up and that smug look that she gets. Can dogs have a smug look? Well, I say yes but I do not have any scientfic evidence to bake it up.

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The Zoo Crew said...

Hi Lucy! It's nice to meet you! We found you through DWB. I'm a great dane and my name is Kai. We have a Lucy in our house too, but she's kinda short :)

Peace + Paws,

The Zoo Crew