Monday, January 4, 2010

Kona and the Doberman.

Kona, my little 55 lb english lab is a real sweet little dog. She is very affectionate and definately a girly dog. Does not like to go outside too much and really likes to lounge around.

There are some exceptions. We took her and Lucy to the dog park a couple of days ago. One of the things I do when at the dog park is take them on laps around this huge dog park. It is good exercise for them and good exercise for me. Well on our first trip around I saw these two dobermans. They were about medium size for a dobbie so they were quite a bit taller than Kona. One of the dobermans went after Kona with bared teeth and a growl, which is kond of unusual as we very rarely see a lot of aggression from any of the dogs at the dog park. Well everyone got a surprise from Kona. Instead of backing down like I thought she would she went after the dobbie with a lot more aggression than I have seen from Kona ever before. No one got bit but the dobbie tucked it's tail between it's legs and ran off with Kona in pursuit. I called her off pretty quick.

The next time around the park Kona went after the dobbie again but i called her off before she got more than a foot or two.

It was pretty interesting to see her go after a bigger dog like that. Maybe she was feeling pretty confident because Lucy and I were right there. In the past when Kona has gotten into trouble with another dog Lucy comes right over and gives a growl and that pretty much ends the trouble. I have been known to growl too. LOL.


Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been out of town with my humans (I'll post about that hopefully this weekend) so I have lots of catching up to do including reading your blog so I'll chat more later. Just wanted to say AARF and let you know that I just turned 8 years old earlier this month. I'm a senior girl. I think you are around 6 or so? By the way where do you live? Talk to you soon.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Teal'c said...

Hi Lucy - I found you blog via Kashas blog :) and wanted to say hi as well! I'm Teal'c from Sydney... And my mom barks sometimes whey my playing in the park gets too rough - it works. Even if I think her bark is far too high pitched :)
Slobbers Teal'c

Tessa the Maltese said...

Hello Lucy, Kona and Mum!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

How old are you Kona? What part of the UK?

Sounds like Kona is learning to growl for herself at the dog park. Mom doesn't take me to the dog park, it's too far away and she says that I'm too small anyway. I really don't mind cause I like on alot of acres in the woods and I can chase the chickens if I want. Well, not really but I could if Mom wasn't looking all the time.

Hope that we become good friends!

Wiggles, Tessa

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Lucy & Kona,

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I'm my humans' first dog so they are still learning lots but they quickly learnt that size often has nothing to do with who is boss! :-) In fact, there are lots of little dogs who are really aggressive to me and boss me around (and I let them) and lots of big dogs we meet who are wimps and cry if I try to chase them to play with's really down to the personality of the dog and how confident they are. I am usually quite good with other dogs and if they are grumpy to me, I pretty much always back off but I can become a real bully if the other dog is a nervous, scared type - my humans hate it when I get like that but my trainer says it's because I feel that I can't lose with them so I only pick on the ones that are very scared & submissive...whereas if they are confident and grumpy with me, I back down really quickly, no matter what size they are! (especially if they are CATS!!!) It's sort of the opposite of humans who always pamper the "underdog" - we dogs don't understand that at all - you either pick on others or you are picked on - so if we're feeling a bit insecure ouselves (like me! Especially as I have been bitten twice quite badly)- then we're always looking for others to pick on to feel better about ourselves! :-) Anyway, my humans still tell me off when I do it - and in fact, if they see an aggressive, confident dog, they're quite relaxed about me meeting it - they only worry when the other dog is all nervous & scared & submissive - then they call me away before I become a monster! :-)

Honey the Great Dane