Sunday, December 16, 2007


In July of 2006 the local ACO found a 3 month old puppy in Stratford.. She had a fractured pelvis and was going to be put down. My daughter, Christine is president of an animal rescue group STARS (Stratford Animal Rescue Service). The ACO contacted her and asked if they would be willing to care for the puppy. When she saw her she agreed to raise the money. The puppy was transported to a veterinarian who fused her bone and inserted 4 screws in a plate in her leg. She came to stay at our house to recuperate. We had just lost our 15 year old lab. Hope (as she came to be known) moved into our house and our hearts. She is the sweetest dog you can imagine.. Soon after we purchased a black lab named Cole. They are best friends. Hope has fully healed. She loves to run and play with Cole and the dogs at the dog park. People tell us how lucky she is to be in a good home. While we agree we believe that we are lucky to have her in our home. Thank you for letting me tell the story of Hope.

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