Sunday, December 16, 2007


We had been admiring our rescue president’s great dane and we decided that we wanted to adopt one if the rescue ever got a Dane in the rescue.

Several months past , one day the adoption coordinator called me and said we have to come over to her house. I walked downstairs to find this shy and scared big dog. That was Chloe. John arrived after me and fell in head in heals in love. WE took her home to evaluate her and then adopted her.

Chloe’s story (as I know it) - Chloe was taken to an animal shelter because she did not meet the “standards” of breed by the breeder. She has two VERY stunning blue eyes. NOT a desired trait for breeding or show ring. Chloe was adopted by a single mother and her children. They lived in a small older style mobile trailer home. At 1 year of age Chloe was too big for the house and took too much work for the lady to take care of and she was trying to get rid of her.

Chloe’s life now- Chloe has learned the dog sport of Flyball & completed obedience school. She enjoys going on vacation and staying in a hotel rooms during her trip to Greyhounds reach the beach with her sisters and Big “little” yorkie brother and about 1500 other greyhounds. This picture was taken on the beach at this event.

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