Sunday, December 16, 2007


Barney’s Story

My name is Barney and this is my story to the best of my recollection. This is actually my third name and I’m planning to keep it. You see, this is the name given to me by my current and final family.

I started out in a home where they didn’t understand me. They took me out on a leash to potty and sometimes I couldn’t go just then and later I had accidents in the house. I wanted them to know I needed to be out more and have a yard to run in but they didn’t understand. They put me in a metal box and I stayed there most of the time. It was hard and my body hurt, but mostly I was lonely.
Then, one day this woman came to the house to check me out. She was a “rescue volunteer” and, I was to be moved to another home. I was scared. I didn’t like the metal box but it was all I knew.

The next day the woman came back and took me in her car. We drove very far and I was even more scared. She was nice to me and told me I was a good boy. I never heard those words before but they were happy words and I liked it.

I then went to what they call a foster home. My foster Mom was really great. She fed me a lot of food and hugged me a lot. She told me I was good .too.. Must be true.
A few weeks later I heard her talk to the woman that picked me up and said that I was falling down and they felt I had Wobblers Syndrome. Don’t know what that is but I quess you fall down a lot.. I think the other name for Wobbler’s Syndrome is expensive because I heard that word a lot.

A few days later we had a visitor. It was the woman who brought me to my foster home. She had her dog Olivia and she wanted to see if we got along. Rumor was she might adopt me. I tried to be nice to Olivia and I leaned on the woman a lot. They said I have cute eyes and I used them a lot that day. I didn’t know that I had already won her over two months before on the long car ride.

Anyway, I’m home. I have lots to eat and two big comfy beds. I get hugs all the time and sometimes I fall down but someone helps me up. The people here are still telling me that I am a good boy. I knew that all along.


Irene said...

Please tell Barney's owner to call a doctor at Western Avenue Animal Hospital, Marion, Indiana (765) 664-0734 to talk about alternatives to surgery for wobblers syndrome. Dr. Durkes saved our Vedo's life by placing gold bead implants in his vertebrae thus relieving his pain and strange gait. Good luck! I do not work for the hospital nor have any affiliation besides believing in his work.

Angel Farner said...

Ditto! Dr. Durkes saved my great danes life as well!! I would highly recommend his gold bead therapy for correcting Wobblers. My girl is back to normal and finding Dr. Durkes was our Christmas miracle!!!