Sunday, December 16, 2007


This is a story about Bovie, the black lab mix that
was adopted in August. I am a recently graduated
veterinarian and finally had time for my own dog. i
applied to multiple rescue organizations and was told
that although I was a vet i did not have a fenced in
yard, did not own a home, and was not a stay at home
mom so i was not qualified for adoption. after about 4
months of applying and 8 rejections later i cam across
a rescue dog on line with an organization that my
hospital worked with. i applied and was FINALLY
approved. Bovie was so scared he sat in the corner of
the bathroom for 24 hours, wouldn't pee poop eat or
drink. we didn't know how to walk on a leash and
didn't know how to play. he cowered whne you went to
pet him and touching his head was a huge
he is a happy, still shy but curious puppy with a Mika
the kitten to keep him company. we are moving on the
shyness and now we wag the tail for female strangers
and any strangers with dogs. we love getting belly
rubs and my boyfriend and i now get full body wags
when we get home. he's been A LOT of work but a great
addition to our family.

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