Sunday, December 16, 2007


So, what does the County shelter do with an unruly dog? Call in the reinforecements! Such was the call I received one Monday morning, "Hi Liz, we have a dog for you!" I answered, "But you're closed today." "Yes, but you can come out anyway--how about NOW?"

An hour later, as I rounded the corner at the shelter, I was met by a VERY loud barking snarling dog. "Whew, that's NOT him, I said to my friend"...but right next door, in unison of the same nasty chorus, was Jammer. "NO WAY!!" I told the shelter manager! She coaxed me into taking him out, and seeing he was quite harmless. Well, kind of. I took him.

3 years and LOTS of training later, the 'unadoptable' Jammer is a Master level agility dog, a friend to my other two dogs, and a snuggle bunny next to me at night. He is loved, and returns the love daily.

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