Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lucy's Story

Lucy's Story:

Lucy' is a rescued Great Dane from San Diego, CA. My daughter Rachel wanted a Great Dane so bad. She had been down in Mexico and met a two Great Danes's and fell in love with the breed. Which for all you Great Dane folks out there know how easy it is to do that.

Well anyway, she convinced her mom that it would be a good idea to get a Great Dane and she eventually agreed with the agreement that Rachel would tak care of the dog. So they went to Indian Danes and met with the folks that run that rescue. While none of the dogs that were there that time were a perfect match the folks at the rescue got a good feel for what Rachel, Ryan (Rachel's brother) and their mom were all about. A few weeks later Lucy should up at the rescue and immediately the rescue folks called Rachel. Everyone thought that Lucy was a perfect fit for the family, which of course was true.

I was against Rachel, Ryan and their mom adopting a dog because their mom, Monica had had a really bad track record with pets. Nothing too bad but she never relly grew attached to them and when the stress level would get high the pet would end up being given away. Plus my aunt had a Great Dane while I was growing up and she had some problems involving mini oceans of pee.

Anyway, I met Lucy a few days later and fell in love with her. She would come over when the kids would and she became my dog more than anyone else's.

to be continued.....

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