Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lucy's Story Part II

About a year later I moved away for work and I thought I would never see Lucy again. That was until I got a call from Monica and she notified me that she was had to get rid of Lucy. Once again life had gotten too stressful and the family pet had to go.

In a round about way though, Lucy was still very much my dog. So we agreed that she would ship Lucy out to me. Which by the way, full grown Great Danes don't travel well. She was pretty stressed out and actually bit a guy that was silly enough to stick his hand into her crate. It was while she was being moved from plane to plane.

I saw her getting unloaded from the truck that had brought her from the plane. She was braced on all fours ready to tear someone apart. But when she saw me and my girlfriend Michelle all you could here was Lucy's tail thumping on the side of the crate. I got her out of the crate and she immediately rolled ove on her back with her tail going like crazy. Her eyes were all bloodshot from barking all day. We took her home and after a few days she settled right in with Michelle, me and Kona our slightly nutty chocolate lab.

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