Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lucy the Silly Girl

Lucy is a big silly girl most days. Yesterday was no different. We do not have a fenced yard but it is pretty big and it backs right up to the water. It is a small beach on a salt water river with ons of sea shells on the beach. Well Lucy got that slightly crazed look in her eyes and just took off. She ran towards the water at full speed after some seagulls. They made it away to safety, but just barely. So she decided to play keep away, well keep away from me and was pretty successful for a while.

I let her do it because I know she is only really good for about 10 sprints and then she wants to go and lie down. So eventually I got her in the house, sand and all and everyone was pretty happy. Lucy from running around at 5:30 in the morning and me from watching her have a bunch of fun. She is my big therapy dog that way.

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