Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tommy the Great Dane

Here is an awesome Great Dane video from You Tube. Great Danes are hard to not like. Tommy is a lot like Lucy, they both love their creature comforts. Lucy has a big blue couch that she loves and only leaves to eat, go outside, go on walks and play with me. Oh wait she does leave the couch in the mornings after I get out of bed so she can get into my spot. A little nutty but she is like one of my kids.

We recently moved and Lucy had a little seperation anxiety because she did not have her couch.


Emily said...

I thought my dane was the only one that laid on his back : )

Abbey said...

I love this video, My Chels lies on her back & throws her gangly legs all directions... they do make me smile with their antics

Mack said...

Hi Lucy!
Just sniffing over from Murphy's bloggy to say hi.
Man, you are pretty!

We love danes. And we live in Texas too!