Saturday, February 9, 2008

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers

I have met quite a few golden retrievers at the dog park before, but I have never really spent a lot of time with one inside.

Well last night I met Daisy, she is a 13 month old golden retriever. Wow, I need to find a way to harness that energy and sell it. You could power a small car with all of the energy she had last night and appartently that is her normal mode of operation. I played with her for easily an hour and she showed no signs of letting up. Great dog, tons of energy.

I love all dogs and she was great but I am really glad that neither Lucy or Kona has that type of energy level. Plus I have a new found respect of golden retriever owners. LOL.

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The Zoo Crew said...

Our Nana and Papa used to have a golden retriever named Penny. She was trained from day one to be a therapy dog and she was the calmest most gentle dog mama says she's ever been around. We also have a golden friend named Molly that has tons of ball-fetching energy...she wears us out!

Peace + Paws,

The Zoo Crew