Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lola's Story...

Okay, this is going to be a story, a little bit on the longer side so stay with me. So, on our trip down from Massachusetts we drove about 14 hours and through 10 states. We stopped in Tennesse, Sieverville was the name of the town. Interesting place if you like in your face amusement. The Smokey Mountains look like a lot of fun though as there is a ton of beautiful scenery in the area. Michelle, Lucy, Kona and I all stayed at a great little mountain cabin resort. A little hard to find but other than that it was great. The cabins are all over the mountain with plenty of room between the cabins. You really do not feel like you are at a resort at all.

So we arrived pretty late at night after a long drive. In the middle of the night we heard a dog barking for while but did not think anything of it. The next day we stopped by the front office to go check in. They had left us the key to get into our cabin but we had to go take care of all of the paperwork.

When we were up there we met Lola. Now Lola is a beautiful mix breed. I think she is a brindle boxer mixed with lab or another field breed. What really stands out about her though is she is super friendly and intelligent dog. You pick that right up, first thing. She Lola was rescued by one of the folks that work at the resort and she stays there, at the resort. She was left for dead by her previous owners after she had a liter of puppies. The woman at the resort found her by a river under a bridge. She was malnourished and in really bad shape. Since she was rescued she has gained a bit of very healthy weight. It was amazing hearing the story and seeing the dog in front of me. She was a happy and super friendly dog and had no signs of physical or emotional abuse.

Later that day we brought Lucy and Kona to meet her. All three got along really well with Lola really defering to Lucy and wanting to play a lot with Kona. So we walked back to our cabin and Lola tagged along. We let Kona and Lucy off their leads to let them play and all three had a great time. We walked Loal back to the front office and we had her put inside but sure enough we were a few hundred feet away and we see Lola escape from her office home and run after us. You could tell she was really excited and was showing off on the way back, running up these really high hills. You could tell she wanted Kona and Lucy to follow her but we didn't let them because well ..., they probably could not have followed Lola.

Well Lola followed us all the way back and we had to go inside. She looked positively crest fallen when we went inside without her. So was I. After a while she left.

Later that night we heard the same barking we had heard the night before and again did not think anything of it. We thought it was another guests dog, but then at quarter till five the next morning when I let Lucy and Kona out I knew I was completely wrong. Who was there to greet me??? It was Lola waiting right there and she jumped all over me, Lucy and Kona. I brought her inside and fed her a nice breakfast and after playing with Kona for a little while went to sleep on our floor.

The folks at the front office were not there yet for the day. I wanted to talk to them about the possibility of me taking Lola. As we getting to leave I had the strongest urge to take her with me but I didn't.

Well anyway that is my story about Lola. I am not sure if I did it justice as the whole experience made a big impact on me.

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Murphy Dogg said...

That is such a sweet story! Mama and I think you should go back to Tennessee and bring Lola home with you. Keep us updated.

Murphy Dogg