Tuesday, December 4, 2007

7lbs during the holiday season

Did you kow that they average person gains 7lbs during the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Well I got to tell you there have to be a few people that do not gain any weight at all because I am already there. I have always bee a little bit of an overachiver.

Lucy and Kona continue to maintain their somewhat girlish figures, though Kona has an appetite that puts most much larger predatos to shame. I am pretty sure she could go toe to toe with any two lions or tigers, oh my.

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Simba said...

I am sooo with you!! It's really, really bad...I have a wedding in 2 weeks...and I'm eating NON-STOP!!!

thank goodness for Simba..at least I get out a few times a day for a walk!!