Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lucy The Farting Dog

Well we had to take Lucy into the vet to get her teeth cleaned, she really needed it and we did not want to put it off, but they had to knock her out to do it. 

We got her home and she was pretty groggy even the next day and she quickly got back to normal but one thing was that it messed up her digestive system for a couple of days.  The night after we got her back from the vet, she was snoring away and simply just laying the most noxiou gas I have ever smelt.  I had to get up a couple of times because I could not stand it.   Pretty much, could have bottled it up and sold it as tear gas, it was that bad. 

She is back to normal know but whew!!, it was a stinky couple of days.


Tessa the Maltese said...

Any time pups or hoomans are given general anesthesia the bowels are also put to sleep. When the bowels re-awaken flatulence is one of the good signs of re-awakening.

Hope you feel lots better Lucy!

woo woos, Tess

Kennedy said...

You're lucky it was just a short-term experience. Vegas is like that frequently! lol