Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lucy is Dreamng Right Now

So, here I am working on the store and Lucy is asleep right next to me on her dog bed. She is so funny, she must be dreaming of something that she likes because she is wagging her tail in her sleep.

I have seen dogs twitch their feet before but never wag their tail.

She does it from time to time and it always makes me happy because I am thinking that she is happily dreaming about something.

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{Amanda} said...

Aww, sweet Lucy! Sometimes, my Danes do this when they sleep too. And once in a while, they make little noises! It's so cute :) Oh, how I love them!

You have a great blog! I'm so happy to find another blogger with Danes! Count me as your new follower! You should come check out my Danes, Layla & Lucius! They're both adopted & have added so much love to my little family ♥

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