Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Is Hot Outside

It is really hot outside. We were in the low hundreds today.

We stayed inside most of the day but went to the dog park early on. Here is a good picture of Lucy and Kona taking a quick swim in the river at the dog park in Shirleyton, VA. Well Lucy is watching Kona take a swim. Most of the time Kona forgets she is a Labrador Retriever and thinks she is human being, but not today. It is good to see the dog in her come out.

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Anonymous said...

OOOOOooohhhh, now THAT is a dog park! With its own huge pond!!!

Oh that looks so very cooling! I think that everypup will be visiting you to go swimming and cool off.

It was 104 here yesterday and it is suposed to be 101 today! YUCK!

Stay cool now!

woo woos, Tessa