Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kona and her toys

So Kona is using the new tile floors to her advantage with ongoing struggle to steal all of her toys back from Lucy. On the carpeted floors Lucy used to chase down Kona and take whatever toy she had, play tug of war for a while and then run off with the toy. Well the tables have turned now as Kona takes the toy and scampers onto the tile floors. She is a little more mobile on the tile floors than Lucy is so she is one step ahead of her usually. She runs off and has that mischeavious look as she gets to a point and then kind of taunts Lucy with the toy in her mouth. Silly I tell ya.


Latte said...

Staying with another dog is soooo fun. Me? I've only got a silly squeak toy for company. :(


Lindsay said...

You're lucky to have two dogs. I'm glad they have a good time together.