Saturday, March 15, 2008

White Tile Floor and a Dark Haired Dog

Okay, some of might know that I recently moved. We live in Corpus Christi now. Great little beach town in south Texas. Well the house that we are in has off white tile. Having said that Kona is a chocolate lab and she is shedding like crazy as she gets adjusted to the new climate. The amount of hair is somewhat staggering. We sweep every day and the amount of hari every day is significant but it just kind of stads out and you just want to clean it. You know what I mean.

Well this got me thinking. We didn't clean the floor every day in our last place....Then I imagined all of this hair in my last place. And I thought about it some more and kind of grossed myself out.

I do not think I am ever going to live in a house with wall to wall carpeting again.


The Zoo Crew said...

i hear ya! going from a house (years ago and with only two little dogs) with wall to wall carpet to a house with tile and hardwood floors......well, i'll NEVER go back to carpeting!

Latte said...

Tiles are goooood! Makes it less of a hassle to vacuum the massive number of fur balls our Sheltie, especially when it's shedding season.

Just keep sweeping :p