Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two Dogs Save Toddler

staffordshire bull terrier

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TWO family dogs are being hailed as heroes after they saved a two-year-old boy from drowning in a dam in Queensland yesterday morning.

Police said the dogs, a rottweiler cross and a staffordshire bull terrier, dragged the boy from the water after he had wandered into a neighbour's dam at Mackay on the state's central coast.

The owner of the property found the boy lying on the embankment of the dam covered in mud with the two dogs by his side.

Police said there were drag marks from the water's edge to where the boy was lying and small scratches on his arms from the dog's claws.

"We are certain the dogs pulled him out of the dam," a police spokesman said.

"It is an amazing story."

The Queensland Ambulance Service said the boy had been taken to hospital and was recovering at home last night.

I am not sure if a lot of folks have seen this article. I would assume not since it was over in Australia. If you notice the dog breeds involved, a staffordshire bull terrier a dog breed we Americans often confuse for a pit bull and a rottie mix breed, another dog often targeted for breed specific legislation. It is too bad this story most likely will not get more play over here in the U.S. to possibly help with the sad reputation bully breeds have here.

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